Universal Q Series LED Display

Outdoor and Indoor Q Series LED Display

LED Q series outdoor and indoor device range is one of the most perspective display offer available on the market.
This type of display provides comprehensive features, pixel pitch choices, high-definition and refined resolution to deliver crystal-clear visual presentation.

Perfectly designed for outdoor use, this product can be also used in many places, shopping malls, theaters, museums, exhibitions, show rooms, and a lot more.

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LED Wall Rental Q Series screen comes with a wide pixel pitch selection, modular structure, high brightness levels and 5000:1 contrast ratio.

Indoor use Yes
Display lifetime 10 years or more
Cabinet weight 7,5 kg
Cabinet sizes 500 mm x 500 mm

Technical Specifications

Q Series LED screens

Ultra HD Picture Quality
High resolution delivers an ideal embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology.

Perfect Structural Design
Outdoor and Indoor Q Series have a high-precision cast aluminum material, perfect for the flat and seamless screen connections made; to deliver a pure image with an excellent gradation.

Quick & Easy Maintenance
Outdoor and Indoor Q Series LED cabinet’s rear control system uses a snap-in design making maintenance and installation efficient and convenient.

Q Series LED display features

Popular outdoor rental series Q LED displays series has come a long way to deliver even better performance features then usual.

  • Wide Viewing Angle
    Q Series has a wide viewing angle to help you cater to everyone, every type of an audience from any distance.
  • Smooth Image Display
    The refresh rate is high, up to 1920 hertz, which provides smooth image display.
    You can see the overall content vividly and no flicker and lapse, or delay.

Quality LED Product

  • Ultra HD Display and Excellent Visual Effects
    LED display rental Q Series has an ultra-high dynamic contrast and high-quality display, ultra-high-definition, perfect picture quality, bringing unprecedented visual impact to the audience.
  • Perfect Structural Design
    Q Series built with high-precision cast aluminum materials, perfect for gap free installations.
  • Quick Maintenance
    Outdoor and indoor Q Series LED cabinet’s rear control system uses a snap-in design making maintenance and installation convenient.
  • Cabinet Connection Angle
    LED display rental cabinets can be arc-shaped connected or made with any adjustment angle, positive and negative 10 degrees to meet the project are needs.
  • Anti-damage Design
    Product has protection features to avoid any damage during transportation or installation.

Technical Specifications

LED Wall Rental Q Series Module Specification

Pixel Pitch (mm) 1.95 2.604 2.97 3.91 4.81
Pixel Configuration SMD2121 SMD2121 / SMD1921 SMD1921
Encapsulation 3 in 1
Colors Matches 6:3:1
Module Resolution (pixels) 128 x 128 96 x 96 84 x 84 64 x 64 52 x 52
Module Pixel (pixels) 16384 9216 7056 4096 2704
Module Size (mm) 250 x 250

LED Wall Rental Q Series Cabinet Specification

Cabinet Size (mm) 500 x 500
Cabinet Resolution (pixels) 256 x 256 192 x 192 168 x 168 128 x 128 104 x 104
Cabinet Pixels (pixels) 65536 36864 28224 16384 10816
Cabinet Material Die casting aluminum
Cabinet Weight (kg) 7.5

LED Wall Rental Q Series Screen Specification

Pixel Density(pixel/m²) 262144 147456 112896 65536 43264
Brightness(cd/m²) ≥1000 1000 / 3500-4500 3500-4500
Brightness Adjusted 256 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced
View Angle Horizontal 140°; Vertical 140°
Best Viewing Distance (m) ≥ 2 ≥ 2.5 ≥ 3 ≥ 4 ≥ 5
Communication Distance(m) <100meter by Internet Cable(without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km
Display Work Method 1/32 Scan 1/28 Scan 1/16 Scan 1/13 Scan
LED Driving Method Constant driving current
Color Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Gray Grade 16bit
Display Color 439, 804, 651, 110
Refresh Frequency (Hz) ≥1920, ≥3840 Optional
Picture Display Method Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control
Input Signal DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through Video processor converting)
System Operating WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP,WINDOWS 7 etc.
Control System Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset
Front/Rear IP Level IP43
Working Temperature (ºc) -20~+70
Stored Temperature (ºc) -40~+80
Operation Humidity (RH) 0-95%
Display Lifetime (hours) 10 years or more (natural environment)
100000 hours (ideal environment)
Maintenance Rear / Front side
Working Voltage AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63HZ
Power Consumption Max: 700W/㎡ ; Ave:250W/㎡
Out Of Controlled Dot ≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart to the normal one)

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