Stadium LED Screen

Outdoor stadium LED perimeter boards, fences & screens

Our LED screens are particularly designed for scoreboards, and digital ribbons for sport arenas, stadiums, pitches, pools, rinks.
LED screen pixel pitch range includes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm to 16mm with further customizations available.
Stadium LED screen are certified with CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, TUV-EMC, BIS, Saber, and others.

Outdoor & Indoor Use Yes
Cabinet material Die-cast aluminum
Pixel Pitch 4.16, 5 6.25, 8.33, 10
Cabinet sizes 400 mm × 300 mm

Technical Specifications

Stadium LED Screen

Professional LED display systems are designed for information delivery, advertising and sporting events (indoor and outdoor) to offer visual stream in high brightness and quick refresh rate.

Our LED Displays are IP65 rated, making these devices waterproof and suitable for outdoor use, built to withstand all, even harsh, weather conditions.

Delivered in a modular format, our LED panels can be matched to create systems of any length and size, coming with a control system & easy to operate software.

LED Perimeter Boards

LED perimeter boards provide vivid and exceptionally bright moving images to be displayed as side advertising. Upgrade the static perimeter systems traditionally seen tio these screens to deploy dynamic and effective advertising in your stadium using the very best LED screen technology on the market.

LED Scoreboard

LED scoreboard offers opportunity to broadcast multimedia content, deliver dynamic and effective display scores, broadcast advertisements, and various information messages.

LED Perimeter Ribbons

Available with a standard pixel pitch of 10mm, our perimeter ribbons produce a crisp image that can be seen from all corners of a stadium providing you an opportunity to advertise and generate revenue on match days.

Stadium LED Displays

Ultra HD Picture Quality
High resolution brings a light display effect. It is an ideal embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology.

Design and Good Uniformity
Die cast aluminum cabinets guarantee you a flat and seamless screen. It has good uniformity, and the dot-to-dot correction technology provides you a pure image with excellent gradation.

Outdoor applications are increasing everywhere in Europe as perimeter walls, scoreboards, digital ribbons for sport arenas, stadiums, skating rinks, pools and more.

Features and Benefits

We provide and offer industry-leading LED perimeter boards that have significant advantages compared to traditional sport screen signage.

  • Protection:
    Soft module mask and soft pillow protect players from being hurt when interfere with LED perimeter board.
  • Wide Viewing Angle
    Outdoor series has a wide viewing angle to help you cater to everyone, every audience, and passers-by. If it’s for advertising, it’ll surely catch your audience’s attention.
  • Smooth Performance
    The refresh rate is high, up to 1920 hertz, which indicates smooth image display.
    You can see the overall content vividly and no flicker and lapse, or delay.

Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch


5 6.25


Pixel Configuration



Panel Resolution

96 x 72

86 x 60 64 x 48

48 x 36

40 x 30
Panel Dimension

400 x 300mm

Pixel Density


40000 25600


Panel Weight

22.4 kg



Brightness/Chromaticity Uniformity


Flatness Of The Cabinet



2 x 3


192 x 216

160 x 180 128 x 144

96 x 108

80 x 90
Display Work Method

1/6 scan

1/3 scan

1/2 scan




Refresh Rate


Ip Rating


Operating Temperature/Humidity Range(℃/RH)

-20~60℃ / 10%~85%

Storage Temperature/Humidity Range(℃/RH)

-20~60℃ / 10%~85%


160°/ 160°

Color Temperature (K)


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