Haikoto All in One Poster

Haikoto All in One Poster

This All-in-one frame-free digital poster features COB (Chip-on-Board) common cathode LED technology.

FHD display with 160 degree ultra wide viewing angle delivers three times more exquisite, great picture quality, allowing audience to see the content in split screens for presentation, advertising ad and campaigns.

Indoor models P1.56, P1.875
Screen Size (mm) 600 x 1687.5, 600 x 2025
Configuration (WxH, per screen)
384 x 1080 pixels, 320 x 1080 pixels
Number of Cabinets 5 or 6

Technical Specifications

All in One Poster Main Features

  • Slim and light weight design, neat appearance
  • Simplified color matching, composed and dignified.
  • High Heat Dissipation
    Customized Cooling Apertures, ensuring the normal and high-quality operation of the product.
  • No-frame design,
    with magnetic suction type, 180°flexible rotation.
  • Audio & Music Integrated
    An audio LED poster with an integrated power amplifier and speaker.
  • Portable wheels
    With movable gear, you can move it and place anywhere.
  • Multiple Control & Play Modes
    SIM Card / Sync play / Async play / USB flash disk / WIFl / Cluster cloud play / HD self-adaption / Plug and play / Wireless control

Split Screen Options

This is the LED split screen you want!

  • Facilitates multi-screen interaction, allowing simultaneous playback of pictures and videos.
  • The display method is characterized by innovation, resulting in a more captivating and attractive playback screen.
  • The surface is delicate and smooth.
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Anti-collision, Antistatic
  • The color highlights are soft and pleasant to the eyes.

Multi-screen playback with high consistency

  • 2- 6 units poster led displays can be perfectly spliced together.
  • 6-second rapid splicing, making the transformation from small screens to large screens easier.
  • Meets the demands of various advertising and event application scenarios.
  • 6 poster screens, each consisting of 6 cabinets, are spliced together at P1.875mm to achieve a standard 2K display.

Technical Specifications

Model / Type P1.56 P1.875
Screen Size (mm) 600 x 1687.5 600 x 2025
Configuration (WxH, per screen) 384 x 1080 pixels 320 x 1080 pixels
No. of Cabinets (WxH, perscreen) 5 6
Weight (per screen) 25 kg 30 kg
LED Type Flip-chip COB LED
Brightness (Max.) 600nits
Viewing Angle – Horizontal/Vertical 170°/ 155°
Bit Depth 16 bit (intemal processing 22bit)
Color Temperature – Adjustable 2,800K ~ 10,000K
Input Power Range 100~240VAC, 50 /60Hz
Resolution 3,840 Hz
Working Temperature /Humidity 0°C-+40°C / 10%-80%RH
Storage Temperature /Humidity -20°C~+45°C / 5%-95%RH
LED Lifetime 100,000 hours
Interface Multiple expansion ports, such as USB port, HDMI, audio, etc.

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