MKS Series Fine Pitch Display

New generation fine pitch LED display

MKS series is the new generation fine pitch solution with front/rear access functionality. With fine pitch and the minimalism concept, MKS series achieves the high quality visual performance at a relatively low cost. The appearance of the MKS series is carefully designed.

The key components are well integrated into the compact shape while the heat dissipation is guaranteed. A function diagnostic button and status indicators could also be found on the panel. MKS Series realize signal loop feature in default, power signal redundancy optional.

This series of rental LED displays allows you to choose the best suitable options to match your project.

Indoor models МКS 0.9, МКS 1.2, МКS 1.5, МКS 1.8, МКS 2.5
Pixel Pitch 0.9375 mm — 2.5 mm
Cabinet sizes 600mm x 337,5 mm x 57 mm

Technical Specifications

Cabinet Design

MKS Series cabinet indoor (16:9 ratio, front maintenance, System & PSU Backup) made of high-strength U-shaped aluminum alloy structure design which greatly increases the heat dissipation area and improves the overall display effect. Floating connector between modules and IC boards, which achieves more stable excellent flatness of the screen. Full front maintenance magnetic design to suitable for more application scenarios.

Key Features

  • 16:9 Standard Format with U-shaped aluminum alloy
  • Concise appearance, off the shelf power and signal, cables between cabinets are connected inside, without adding up extra space.
  • All-round wireless connection
  • Easy full-front maintenance
  • Superb Visual Performance with 14bit+, ≥3840Hz
  • U-Shaped iCool Heat Dissipation aluminum alloy structure
  • Easy Maintenance & Installation with full front maintenance magnetic design
  • Accurate color management system

The imaging of LED self-illumination does not require reaction time, and there is no delay in the performance of dynamic images, which is in line with the human eye’s perception of moving images.

iCool all-round heat dissipation system

Multi-directional adjustment

Magnetic installation design

All new structural process design

System & PSU Backup

AI intelligent adjustment system

Technical Specifications

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