Transparent LED Screens

Ultra-high-definition advertisement display

With high transparency reaching 80%, LED Screen provide creative flexibility to deliver high-impact visual message.

It does not block the light nor the objects, making a see-through effect attractive to the audience no matter indoor or outdoor.

Our transparent LED displays can be used flat, curved, and customized to fit your installation area needs.

The Transparent  LED Screen comes with various pixel pitches such as P2.8, P3.1, P3.9, P7.8, P10.42, has high contrast ratio, and modular cabinet sizes at 500 x 500 mm and 1000 x 500mm, with further customizations available.

Indoor use Yes
Outdoor use Yes
Display lifetime 10 years or more
Brightness from 1500cd/m² up to 5000cd/m²

Technical Specifications

Transparent LED Screen Product Categories

You may find smaller LED transparent screens behind a shop windows, you can also see large LED transparent screen placed at the shopping mall entrance, this LED screen technology is now widely popular, not just for commercial and advertisement purposes but also for public services.

To meet various application needs we offer three main types of transparent LED screens: for fixed installations, extrusion aluminum cabinet transparent LED, and die-cast aluminum cabinets for rental services.

Transparent 1000 mm x 1000 mm LED Display

Transparent screen cabinets are made from aluminium (through extrusion technology) and come with 1000 mm x 1000 mm modular design, bringing a cost-effective solutions for large-sized transparent LED screens.

Transparent 1000 mm x 500 mm LED Display

Transparent screen cabinets are made from extrusion aluminium and come with 1000 mm x 500 mm modular design, bringing more flexibility for custom-shaped or curved transparent screen designs.

Glass LED Display 1000 mm x 500 mm

Our glass LED screens are made with die-cast aluminium and 1000 mm x 500 mm modular design. With wide-viewing angle, high brightness, high refresh rate, and high pixel density these glass LED panels can bring bring a superb overall visual appearance for any installation area.

Benefits of Transparent LED displays

  • Curved, straight or triangle – custom shaped clear LED walls any project needs.
  • High transmittance up to 85%, ensuring natural light goes through and audience enjoys an eye-catching see-through view.
  • High brightness up to 5500 nits and automatic brightness adjustment, enabling transparent LED screen vivid display even with direct sunlight.
  • Ultra-lightweight, front and rear easy maintenance, hanging and wall mounting installations possible.
  • OEM and ODM accepted to make transparent LED screen unique and excellent brand marketing tool.
  • All products are certified by international standards.

Features of Transparent LED Screens

Cabinet Material
The LED Transparent Display uses a high precision aluminum cabinet with a 1000×500 mm or 1000×1000 mm dimentions.

Pixel Pitch Options
Pixel pitch options may vary from P3.91 to P10.4. with available customization options.

LED Transparent Display requires a fewer amount of energy than other conventional display products. Thus, it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Since the LED Transparent Screen does not have inner parts but bars, it weighs less ranging from 6 kg to 10 kg per cabinet.

Easy Maintenance
It is front and rear serviceable; either way comes to an easy maintenance feature that you can easily do or follow with little or less staffing.

Long Life Span
With a long life span, the LED Screen Transparent may reach up to 12 years of service, which makes them a good investment.

Creative Look
The LED Transparent Display creates and gives the audience a hologram by creating a “floating object” through the display.

Outdoor Use
Construction has a solid vertical/horizontal bar that can withstand wind or rough weather conditions in addition to IP65 waterproof features.

Wide Application
The Curved Transparent LED Display has broad applicability scope and is perfect for installation when you’re considering not blocking the view, lights, passageways of sides of a building, etc. The structure perfectly fits hotels, bars and nightclubs, digital stores, luxury brands, shopping malls, museums, exhibits, trade shows, and many more.

Technical Specifications

Transparent LED Screen Module Specification

Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.8-5.6 3.9-7.8 7.8-7.8 10.42
Pixel Configuration SMD2121 / SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD3535
Encapsulation 3 in 1
Colors Matches 6:3:1

Transparent LED Screen Cabinet Specification

Cabinet Size (mm) 1000 x 500 1000 x 1000/ 1000 x 500 1000 x 1000
Cabinet Resolution (pixels) 356 x 176 256 x 128 128 x 128 96 x 96
Cabinet Pixels (pixels) 62656 32768 16384 9216
Cabinet Material Extrusion Aluminum/ Die-casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight (kg) 8

Transparent LED Screen Specification

Pixel Density(pixel/m²) 62656 32768 16384 9216
Brightness(cd/m²) 800 – 5500 Optional 3000 – 5500 Optional
Brightness Adjusted 256 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced
Light Transmittance 50% 70% 80%
View Angle Horizontal 140°; Vertical 140°
Best Viewing Distance (m) ≥ 3m ≥ 5m ≥ 8m ≥ 10m
Communication Distance(m) <100meter by Internet Cable(without Relay; Multimode fiber cable < 500m; Single-mode fiber cable < 20km
Display Work Method 1/16 Scan 1/8 Scan 1/6 Scan
LED Driving Method Constant driving current
Color Contrast Ratio 5000:1
Gray Grade 16bit
Display Color 439, 804, 651, 110
Refresh Frequency (Hz) ≥1920, ≥3840 Optional
Picture Display Method Intellective control technology, test-itself technology, correct technology, Synchronization Control
Input Signal DVI (S-VIDEO, CVBS, DP, HDMI, VGA, PAL/NTSC, etc. through Video processor converting)
System Operating WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS XP,WINDOWS 7 etc.
Control System Novastar, Linsn, LEDvision, LEDset
Front/Rear IP Level IP45
Working Temperature (ºc) -20~+40
Stored Temperature (ºc) -40~+80
Operation Humidity (RH) 0-95%
Display Lifetime (hours)

10 years or more (natural environment)

100000 hours (ideal environment)

Maintenance Rear / Front Side
Working Voltage AC110 / AC220V±10% 47~63HZ
Power Consumption Max: 700W/㎡ ; Ave:295W/㎡
Out Of Controlled Dot ≤3/10,000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels of which the brightness and the wavelength are both >10% depart to the normal one)

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