P4.8 Dance Floor LED For Uzbekistan

Country Uzbekistan
City Tashkent
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor
Application Floor panels

Interactive dance floor LEDs, such as a P4.8 dance floor LED, are digital devices connected together to add entertainment to events.
Apart from being designed sturdy to handle significant weights and sudden shocks, these displays deliver great image quality.

As one of our recent projects, we have provided a dance floor LED for the hotel in Uzbekistan, here are few details:

  • The project used a P4.8 Dance Floor LED.
  • We provided a total of 224 pcs of dance floor LED modules.
  • The modules were connected to form a interactive dance floor to handle heavy load.
  • Our dance floor LED screen panel cabinets were 500x500mm.
  • Made from solid aluminum and lightweight (10kg per cabinet) panels were reinforced with super hardness to the maximum load capacity of up to 2 tons per square meter.
  • PC mask for protection, waterproof and anti-scratch.
  • The thickness of the YUCHIP dance floor screen panel is the thinnest in the market; the minimum distance from the screen surface to the ground can reach 75mm.
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